“ ’Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness,’ believed the artist Anni Albers.

Art is something that pushes you to create with the enthusiasm of a child, with the intense passion that burns in your blood, with ideas that spin wildly in your mind, with a curiosity that knows no bounds, with that visionary and futuristic spirit that encourages you to go further, to explore and experiment beyond your own comfort zone.

Art is also knowing how to be visionaries, or knowing how to enjoy yourself, allowing room for imagination and creativity, mixing together writing, photography, poetry, videos, installations, adventuring into the world of light and colors, of new materials and new means, like modern technology or AI. It is then that art surprises, that perspectives change, and magical splendors are discovered, like looking into a kaleidoscope, where the slightest vibration changes the view into a phantasmagorical rainbow of emotions and feelings.”