Light For The Future

“LIGHT FOR THE FUTURE” is a new transmedia campaign, created by Alessandra Mattanza and the filmmaker and visual artist Ana Santos, in New York, in 2008. It is based upon the work of the renowned photographer Steve McCurry.

Its goal is to help children in war zones receive an education and to instill an awareness in people around the world about their situation. The full project will involve an interactive social campaign with international exhibitions, city lights installations, and a live TV experience.

There will also be serial-reportage of the journeys into war zones, with a different filmmaker (famous or independent) covering each country, connecting children to various cultural and social events. In the end, all these experiences, these trips, this knowledge from around the world will be edited into a documentary film and a coffee table book by Alessandra Mattanza to commemorate the lives and experiences of these children of light.