Alessandra has always been mesmerized by stones and crystals.  When she was a child, she used to go to the Alps to find beautiful stones with her father.  She grew up with a psychic grandmother, on her mother’s side, who was able to see the future and ghosts.  She was from a small village around Po river near Venice, Italy, and she nurtured her granddaughter’s fantasy and imagination with stories from the past and the other world, full of mysticism and esotericism.

Alessandra often feels as if she grew up in a kind of Tim Burton’s movie…  She has been smitten by the power of crystals and stones, known as crystal therapy, by their healing energy and their ability to captivate the mind and body.  She creates jewelry only when she feels a strong connection with a special stone, precious or not precious, as well as from metal…  She sometimes finds the stones and accessories she uses at flea markets, antique markets, and other places all around the world.

Alessandra doesn’t often sell her works. She sells or presents them only to people to whom she feels truly connected.